• Accuris Precision Balances

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    “Accuris Precision balances quickly and accurately display sample measurements on a large, backlit LCD screen. Utilizing highly precise, gold plated ceramic capacitance sensors, these balances are and stabilize quickly and provide reliable weight measurements within 0.001 grams.

    Six models are available in the Precision Balance range, covering a wide range of maximum capacity requirements. The smaller capacity models (120g, 320g, and 500g) include a glass draft shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access the weighing chamber. These models offer readability to .001g (1mg). The larger capacity models (1200g, 3200g, and 5000g) feature a more traditional top-loading design, come with larger weigh pans and have readability to 0.01g ”
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  • Benchmark Platefuge Microplate Centrifuge – Exp:12/31/2019

    Benchmark PlateFuge Microplate Microcentrifuge – Save 15%

    The PlateFuge is the first minicentrifuge designed with a swing-out rotor to work with microplates

    Benchmarks’s PlateFuge Microcentrifuge is designed to spin-down the PCR reagents in the microplates before PCR. The design is such that plates can be angled without spilling and all reagents will gather at the bottom of the well for proper concentration after centrifugation. It can fit all popular types of microplates for PCR and will fit in perfectly in your lab.

    ORDER SKU: 19P-C2000

  • SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging System

    SmartDoc 2.0 enables safe visualization of nucleic acids in gels

    The SmartDoc 2.0 uses an innovative blue light visualization system instead of the typical UV system, which makes it easier for lab personnel to operate and avoids damage to DNA samples. The SmartDoc 2.0 can easily be used with a regular smartphone instead of a more complex photography equipment. The system is ideal for common safe stains like SmartGlow, SYBR Gree, GelGreen and many others.