• * Benchmark MyTemp Mini Incubator- Exp. 08/30/2019


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  • * Oxford Magenetic Stirrer – Exp: 08/30/2019

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    “The Oxford LP BenchMate MS1 and MS4 Magnetic Stirrers – Simplified Stirring for Various Laboratory Applications.
    With a slim profile, compact design and no moving parts this truly is a maintenance-free magnetic stirrer. The unique Pulse mode alternates the stirring direction every 30 seconds to enhance stirring intensity, for more vigorous stirring requirements such as the mixing of difficult to dissolve solids in a solution.”
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  • *Benchmark Autoclaves – Exp 08/30/2019

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    • Promo Part : 19P-B4000-28-220
    • Autoclave Promotion BioClave 28 Research Autoclave with Free Printer from Benchmark Scientific 28 Liter  Autoclave
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  • *Benchmark SureTemp Duel Convection Incubators – Exp 08/30/2019

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    • Benchmark SureTemp 40L Incubator with FREE Blue MyFuge Mini Centrifuge| Includes 1 Each of H2505-40 & C1008-B
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    • Benchmark SureTemp 70L Incubator with FREE MyFuge 12 Mini Centrifuge | Includes 1 Each of H2505-70 & C1012
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    • Benchmark SureTemp 130L Incubator with FREE LC-8 Plus Centrifuge & 8 x 15mL Rotor| Includes 1 Each of H2505-130 & C3200
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  • *Labnet Mini Microcentrifuge – Exp: 08/30/2019

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    Microcentrifuge on Sale for $144.97
    Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are the new line of mini microcentrifuges from Labnet International. Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are personal benchtop microcentrifuges that are ideal for quick spin downs of your most important samples. The new Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) will replace the previous Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuges.

    Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are simple and convenient to operate. The new Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) feature a greater capacity (8 place MCT and 4 place PCR strip rotors), as well as a quick-release rotor system and electronic brake. Once samples are loaded and the lid is closed, the rotor rapidly accelerates up to a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, making it an ideal microcentrifuge for bringing small droplets to the bottom of tubes for micro-filtration or basic separation applications.

    The quick release rotor system of the Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) means that no tools are needed to exchange rotors, saving you valuable time in the lab. The electronic braking system allows for more rapid deceleration and less waiting time once your spin protocol is complete. The mini microcentrifuge is also equipped with a dual lid switch and has a compact yet ruggedly durable design. These new mini microcentrifuges come with a 2-year warranty, providing you with added peace of mind in the quality of your purchase.
    Promo Expires: 09/30/2019

  • *Exclusive – VistaLab Ovation Single Channel Pipette – Exp. 12/31/19

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    VistaLab Ovation M Pipette Promotes Ergonomically-Correct Posture
    The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette is the mechanical pipette variation of their popular electronic single channel pipette. This mechanical version features a unique ergnomic grip while remaining accurate and precise. With a mechanical 2-stroke low-force plunger that allows the operator to perform pipetting tasks effortlessly, the overblow dispensing allows the full removal of contents from the pipette tip each and every time. Designed for easy sterilization, this mechanical pipette is autoclavable and features a creative built in microtube cap opener that allows an operator to cotinuously pipette without having to place the pipette down on their work bench in order to close and open microtubes throughout operation. Designed to save time and effort, these amazing pipettes by Vista Labs come in volume ranges from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL

    Expires: 12/31/2019

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  • *Exclusive – 384-Well Compatible ELISA Plate Washer – 08/30/2019

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    ELISA Washer Promotion| ELISA Kit includes 8 & 12 channel CAPP washer heads, Oxford 200uL electronic multichannel pipette, wash bottle, waste bottle, vacuum trap assembly, and tubing | 1 each of W-8KIT-115V, W-12, OBE12-200 | ELISA

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    Promotion Expires 12/31/2019

  • *Benchmark Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubator – Exp – 08/30/2019

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    Free Platform & Clamps
    Shaking Incubator Promotion| Mini Shaking Incubator with 1 Case each 50mL Sterile Centrifuge Tubes & 50mL Reagent Reservoirs| Benchmark Cat # H1001-M (Mini Shaking Incubator with Non-Slip Mat)| MTC-Bio Cat# P8050 & C2603|
    Promotion Expires 12/31/2019

  • BrandTech HandyStep Repeater

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    Free HandyStep Repeater
    FREE HandyStep S Repeater Pipette Promotion
    Buy $500 (invoice amount) worth of PD-Tip Precision Dispenser Tips, get a HandyStep S mechanical repeating pipette for FREE!
    • Valid for products purchased between 1/1/19 and 12/31/19
    • All Tips must be purchased in a single transaction
    • Redeem free product by completing a redemption form and providing proof of purchase. Electronic version available at www.brandtech.com/promotions
    • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

  • Oxford BenchMate L Single Channel Pipette

    Current Promotions

    On Sale for $184.97
    BenchMate L Single Channel Pipette Features and Benefits:
    Autoclavable and UV resistant
    Smooth plunger force – 70% less force required
    Enlarged volume display for easy volume verification
    Easy to use single-handed operation with a locking mechanism
    Enhanced traditional design eliminates the need to tightly grip the pipette when pipetting
    Premium seals ring is used to ensure accurate and precise pipetting – ring has been tested 600,000 times
    Durable plastic provides higher tolerance to solvents
    Fully Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes
    Ceramic plungers for greater durability for pipettes ranging from 100µL to 1000µL
    Improved dispensing accuracy and precision for micro volumes between 2µL and 10µL with hyper blowout technology
    Premium internal component reduce wear and tear for continuously precise and accurate results
    5 Year Manufacturer Warranty