• * Oxford Magenetic Stirrer – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    Starting at $168.97
    “The Oxford LP BenchMate MS1 and MS4 Magnetic Stirrers – Simplified Stirring for Various Laboratory Applications.
    With a slim profile, compact design and no moving parts this truly is a maintenance-free magnetic stirrer. The unique Pulse mode alternates the stirring direction every 30 seconds to enhance stirring intensity, for more vigorous stirring requirements such as the mixing of difficult to dissolve solids in a solution.”
    Promo Expires: 01/31/2020

  • *Benchmark Autoclaves – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    • Promo Part : 20P-B4000-28-220
    • Autoclave Promotion BioClave 28 Research Autoclave with Free Printer from Benchmark Scientific 28 Liter  Autoclave
    • Inlcudes Part numbers B4000-28-220 & B400-P
    • Promo Expires 01/31/2020
  • *Benchmark SureTemp Duel Convection Incubators – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    Part Numbers:


    • Benchmark SureTemp 40L Incubator with FREE Blue MyFuge Mini Centrifuge| Includes 1 Each of H2505-40 & C1008-B
    • Offer Expires 01/31/2020



    • Benchmark SureTemp 70L Incubator with FREE MyFuge 12 Mini Centrifuge | Includes 1 Each of H2505-70 & C1012
    • Offer Expires 12/31/2019



    • Benchmark SureTemp 130L Incubator with FREE LC-8 Plus Centrifuge & 8 x 15mL Rotor| Includes 1 Each of H2505-130 & C3200
    • Offer Expires 12/31/2019
  • VistaLab Ovation Single Channel Pipette –

    VistaLab Ovation M Pipette

    VistaLab Ovation M Pipette Promotes Ergonomically-Correct Posture
    The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette is the mechanical pipette variation of their popular electronic single channel pipette. This mechanical version features a unique ergnomic grip while remaining accurate and precise. With a mechanical 2-stroke low-force plunger that allows the operator to perform pipetting tasks effortlessly, the overblow dispensing allows the full removal of contents from the pipette tip each and every time. Designed for easy sterilization, this mechanical pipette is autoclavable and features a creative built in microtube cap opener that allows an operator to cotinuously pipette without having to place the pipette down on their work bench in order to close and open microtubes throughout operation. Designed to save time and effort, these amazing pipettes by Vista Labs come in volume ranges from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL


  • *Pipette.com Filter Tips – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    Buy 5, get 1 FREE – Mix and Match the Sizes

    • Expires 01/31/2020

    • Select your 6 cases or packs, apply promo code at checkout, Discount will be applied to the lowest priced case

    • Promotion applies to pipette tips purchased at web price only

    • Cannot be combined with other promotions

  • *Benchmark MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    Starting at $407.17 + Free Rocker
    “he Benchmark MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator was designed to resolve many of the obstacles that make typical incubator use difficult. Benchmark engineered the MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator to maximize space efficiency while making temperature control significantly easier and more consistent. This incubator is made for application optimization and makes incubator work much more convenient for scientists with limited time.

    Advanced Temperature Control for Maximum Efficiency
    MyTemp Digital Mini Incubators feature digital temperature control along with a large LED control panel to take the stress out of setting the temperature and let users focus on their other work. Rather than the typical analog knobs (which require constant checking of the internal temperature), the MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator is equipped with an easy-to-use button system to set the temperature. Users can then monitor the temperature on the LED display and be confident that the incubator is set to whatever temperature they selected. The display shows the real-time temperature inside the incubator.

    There are two different models spanning a wide range of temperatures. H2200-H is a heat only incubator that ranges from ambient +5°C to 60°C. The H2200-HC is a heating and cooling unit that has a temperature range of ambient -15°C to 60°C.”

    Promotion Expires: 01/31/2020

  • *Eppendorf Multi-Channel Pipette – Exp: 01/31/2020

    Current Promotions

    Save up to 30% on Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipettes

    •        Buy one of these promotionally priced units and redeem a free Charger Stand

    •        Redeem your FREE Charger Stand 2 (a $269 value) at: www.eppendorf-us.com/redemptions

    •        Promotion Expires 01/31/2020

  • *Exclusive – 384-Well Compatible ELISA Plate Washer – 12/31/2019

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    ELISA Washer Promotion| ELISA Kit includes 8 & 12 channel CAPP washer heads, Oxford 200uL electronic multichannel pipette, wash bottle, waste bottle, vacuum trap assembly, and tubing | 1 each of W-8KIT-115V, W-12, OBE12-200 | ELISA

    Catalog Number:



    Promotion Expires 12/31/2019

  • *Benchmark Incu-Shaker 10L Shaking Incubator – Exp: 01/31/2020

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    Part Numbers:


    • Incu-Shaker 10LR Refrigerated Shaking Incubator with FREE MiniMag Mini Magnetic Stirrer & FREE Digital Hotplate & FREE Mini Tube Rotator| Includes 1 each of H2012, S1005, H3760-H & R2020|
    • Offer Expires 01/31/2020


    • Incu-Shaker 10LR Refrigerated Shaking Incubator with FREE MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator| Includes 1 each of H2012 & H2200-H|
    • Offer Expires 01/31/2020


    • Benchmark Incu-Shaker 10L Shaking Incubator with FREE MiniMag Mini Magnetic Stirrer & FREE Digital Hotplate & FREE Mini Tube Rotator| Includes 1 each of H2010, S1005, H3760-H & R2020
    • Offer Expires 01/31/2020


    • Benchmark Incu-Shake


  • Pipette Calibration

    Current Promotions

    Increase Pipette Accuracy with 5 free Pipette Calibrations
    Pipettes are the cornerstone of research and laboratory work, which is why Pipette.com is committed to providing quality pipette calibrations and repairs. To add more value to our calibration, Pipette.com is including pipette management platform (Qualer) for all of our calibration customers, enabling you to manage your pipettes easily from anywhere at any time with an “audit ready” dashboard.Current Promotion: 5 Free Pipette Calibrations with $1500 Product Purchase
    Promotion Terms
    o Purchase $1500 of Products from Pipette.com and Redeem 5 Free Single Channel Pipette Calibrations
    o Redemption Form
    o Only applies to purchases from 02/21/2019 to 03/31/2019
    o $1500 must be purchased in one transaction
    o $1500 purchase amount does not include taxes and shipping
    o Limited to 1 redemption per customer
    o Limited to single channel pipettes at “Calibration” level service
    o Can be used in combination with free shipping on 5 or more pipette calibrations
    o Redemption form must be submitted before 04/15/2019
    o Pipette calibrations must be completed by 06/28/2019
    o Free pipette calibration is limited to single channel pipettes submitted for calibration, does not include service additions, does not include parts for pipette repair
    o $1500 in pipette calibration services are not eligible for offer

  • ** Eppendorf 5920R Centrifuge – Exp: 01/31/2020

    Eppendorf  5920R Centrifuge Promotion Details

    •         Special Bundle Savings on the purchase of  a 5920 R Cell Culture Package (a $2,451 value) > Set of 4 aerosol-tight caps included  (a $1,240 value)
    • Purchase a 5920 R cell culture package and get 40% off a second rotor (up to a $2,158 value)
    • Promotion Part Number: 20P-2231000658
    •        Promotion Expires 02/29/2020