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    Benchmark Accuris Compact Balance Series

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    Benchmark Accuris Compact Balance – Provides Simple and Reliable Performance with Readability in the 0.1 to 0.01 g Weight Range
    Accuris Compact balances have been designed to meet the basic needs of academic and research labs that require accurate weight determination in the range of 0.01 g to 0.1 g. Their reliable and precise weighing technology utilizes gold-plated, ceramic capacitors to determine sample mass.

    The Compact line of balances from Accuris includes 6 models covering a wide range of maximum weight capacities to suit the needs and requirements of different laboratories. The lower capacity units (120 g, 300 g, and 500 g) are readable to an accuracy and minimum value of 0.01 g, and come with a draft shield ring to prevent air currents from affecting the measurement. These models feature a 4.5 inch diameter stainless steel weighing pan. The larger capacity models (1,000 g, 5,000 g, and 10,000 g) which do not include the draft shield ring, come with larger weighing pans of 6.3 to 7 inches in diameter, and are readable to an accuracy and minimum value of 0.1 g.
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  • Benchmark Accuris myGel Mini electrophoresis system

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    Mini Electrophoresis System with Power Supply/b>
    Benchmark Accuris myGel Mini Electrophoresis System – Convenient, Easy to Use Electrophoresis Gel Tank with Snap-In Power Supply
    The myGel mini gel box attaches directly to the power supply for a secure connection every time. Selectable parameters include 3 preset voltages – 35V, 50V or 100V – and a 99-minute timer. All are set using the membrane keypad. The safety lid is vented to help dissipate heat generated during electrophoresis and features a viewing area above the gel. Current will only run through the system when the lid is properly in place on top of the gel box. Trays and casting stands for both 10.5 x 6cm and 5 x 6cm gels are included with the myGel Mini system, as are double-sided combs. The smaller tooth combs are compatible with multichannel pipettes. Casting is quick and easy – just place the tray in the casting stand and pour. The trays feature a dark contrast strip to help visualize wells while loading and lines that fluoresce under UV and blue light to track the progress of the run.

    Benchmark Accuris myGel Mini Electrophoresis System features and benefits:
    Includes: gel box, safety lid, power supply, two 1.5 x 6 cm and four 5 x 6 cm gel trays, casting stands for gel trays and two double-sided combs for each gel size
    Smaller tooth combs compatible with multichannel pipettes
    Power supply connects to gel box
    Selectable parameters: 35V, 50 V and 100
    0-99 minutes or continuous timer
    Vented, clear safety lid dissipates heat generated during electrophoresis
    Unit runs when lid is securely in place
    Dark contrast strip on tray helps visualize wells when loading
    Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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    Benchmark MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator

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    “he Benchmark MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator was designed to resolve many of the obstacles that make typical incubator use difficult. Benchmark engineered the MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator to maximize space efficiency while making temperature control significantly easier and more consistent. This incubator is made for application optimization and makes incubator work much more convenient for scientists with limited time.

    Advanced Temperature Control for Maximum Efficiency
    MyTemp Digital Mini Incubators feature digital temperature control along with a large LED control panel to take the stress out of setting the temperature and let users focus on their other work. Rather than the typical analog knobs (which require constant checking of the internal temperature), the MyTemp Digital Mini Incubator is equipped with an easy-to-use button system to set the temperature. Users can then monitor the temperature on the LED display and be confident that the incubator is set to whatever temperature they selected. The display shows the real-time temperature inside the incubator.

    There are two different models spanning a wide range of temperatures. H2200-H is a heat only incubator that ranges from ambient +5°C to 60°C. The H2200-HC is a heating and cooling unit that has a temperature range of ambient -15°C to 60°C.”

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    Benchmark MyTemp™ Mini Incubator

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    Purchase a myTemp Mini Incubator, H2200-H or H2200-HC and get a FREE case of Nest Petri Dishes (Cat. # 753001) or Sterile Globe Scientific Culture Tubes with Caps (Cat. # 110178)
    Promo Code: Bench03 Applies to the purchase of cat. # H2200-H and H2200-HC only. Receive 1 Free case of Sterile Nest Scientific Petri Dishes (100 x 15 mm) Petri Dishes, 20 per Pack, 500 per Case (Cat. # 753001)
    Promo Code: Bench04 Applies to the purchase of cat. # H2200-H and H2200-HC only. Receive 1 Free case of 14mL Sterile Polypropylene Globe Scientific Culture Tubes (17 x 100mm) with Attached Dual Position Cap, 500 per Case (Cat. # 110178)