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  • *Labnet Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    Save 30% on Labnet Prism Refrigerated Centrifuge
    Easy-to-use, High performance microcentrifuges with a Refrigeration option
    The Prism is the air-cooled model, which was designed to keep samples close to ambient temperature, even when operating at maximum speed. It can also be used in a cold room environment.

    The Prism R is the refrigerated model that incorporates a powerful cooling system that maintains temperature as low as -10 celsius and can reach 4 celsius in less than 8 minutes. The new user-friendly LCD control panel provides intuitive control over all operating parameters, including speed, time and temperature.
    Promo Expires: 09/30/2019

  • *Labnet Plate Centrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    Save $200 on a Mini Plate Centrifuge
    The Labnet MPS 100 Mini Plate Spinner performs quick spin down droplets and condensation. It is recommended that you use the Labnet MPS 1000 before and after thermal cycling to increase PCR yield. It accepts skirted, non-skirted and all standard PCR plates. The PCR plate spinner is less than 1/4 the size of most plate centrifuges saving you lab bench space.
    Promo Expires: 09/30/2019

  • *Labnet Mini Microcentrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    Microcentrifuge on Sale for $144.97
    Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are the new line of mini microcentrifuges from Labnet International. Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are personal benchtop microcentrifuges that are ideal for quick spin downs of your most important samples. The new Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) will replace the previous Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuges.

    Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) are simple and convenient to operate. The new Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) feature a greater capacity (8 place MCT and 4 place PCR strip rotors), as well as a quick-release rotor system and electronic brake. Once samples are loaded and the lid is closed, the rotor rapidly accelerates up to a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, making it an ideal microcentrifuge for bringing small droplets to the bottom of tubes for micro-filtration or basic separation applications.

    The quick release rotor system of the Labnet Mini Microcentrifuges (C1601) means that no tools are needed to exchange rotors, saving you valuable time in the lab. The electronic braking system allows for more rapid deceleration and less waiting time once your spin protocol is complete. The mini microcentrifuge is also equipped with a dual lid switch and has a compact yet ruggedly durable design. These new mini microcentrifuges come with a 2-year warranty, providing you with added peace of mind in the quality of your purchase.
    Promo Expires: 09/30/2019

  • *Oxford Mini Centrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    On Sale for $149.97 for a limited time
    BenchMate C8 Micro Centrifuge Features and Benefits:
    Safety Drain for easy liquid drainage in case any samples are spilled in the unit.
    Carbon dust insulation.
    8 position closed microtube rotor ensures better airflow and greater efficiency, with quiet operation and low heat generation.
    Small footprint – can be used in fume hoods and cold rooms.
    Digital display for easy speed identification.
    Unique closed rotor design for quiet operation.
    Comes with adapters for individual PCR tubes and PCR tube strips.

  • *Eppendorf MiniSpin Centrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus – Powerful and User-Friendly Centrifuges with a Small Footprint
    The powerful and user-friendly MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus are small footprint centrifuge units that are ideal for individual work stations, training purposes and industrial research applications. The two models have slightly different specifications to meet performance requirements for different users. The MiniSpin plus provides the sufficient centrifugation speed for most molecular biology requirements. The MiniSpin can quickly accelerate to a maximum speed of 13,400 rpm (RCF: 12,100 x g) while the MiniSpin plus can reach a maximum speed of 14,500 rpm (RCF: 14,000 x g). The two models are available to meet your performance requirements.The rotor, inner centrifuge lid, and lid latch are made of metal for optimal operation safety and performance. Additional rotor options for up to 2 x 8–tube PCR strips are also available to meet user requirements.

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  • *Benchmark Centrifuge and SSI Bio PCR Tubes -Exp 09/30/2019


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    Get a Benchmark myFuge 12 Mini  C1012 for Free

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  • *Oxford High Speed Microcentrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

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    Save $100 a 15596 xg Microcentrifuge
    This compact, easy to use centrifuge comes with an intuitive and simple interface for quick and convenient setting adjustments. Your centrifugation needs can be performed up to the max. speed of 15000 rpm (15596 x g), while having the ability to store 99 programs, with 4 lines per program. You can also store, view and run all of your programs on a computer, via a USB port.
    Promo Expires: 3/31/2019


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  • *Benchmark Platefuge Microplate Centrifuge – Exp: 09/30/2019

    Benchmark PlateFuge Microplate Microcentrifuge – Save 15%

    The PlateFuge is the first minicentrifuge designed with a swing-out rotor to work with microplates

    Benchmarks’s PlateFuge Microcentrifuge is designed to spin-down the PCR reagents in the microplates before PCR. The design is such that plates can be angled without spilling and all reagents will gather at the bottom of the well for proper concentration after centrifugation. It can fit all popular types of microplates for PCR and will fit in perfectly in your lab.

    ORDER SKU: 19P-C2000