• MC-24 Touch Screen High Speed Microcentrifuge

    Benchmark MC-24 Touch High Speed 24-Place Microentrifuge with Touch Screen

    The Mc-24 is the first microcentrifuge to bring touchscreen control standard and well adapted to use in the lab. It features a next generation control panel, very high centrifugation speed, (up to 13,500 RPM/16,800 xg), and a special COMBI-Rotor. The COMBI-Rotor allows users to spind standard microtubes and PCR tubes/strips at the same time.

  • Platefuge Microplate Centrifuge

    Benchmark PlateFuge Microplate Microcentrifuge

    The PlateFuge is the first minicentrifuge designed with a swing-out rotor to work with microplates

    Benchmarks’s PlateFuge Microcentrifuge is designed to spin-down the PCR reagents in the microplates before PCR. The design is such that plates can be angled without spilling and all reagents will gather at the bottom of the well for proper concentration after centrifugation. It can fit all popular types of microplates for PCR and will fit in perfectly in your lab.