• Capp Serological Pipettes – Exp: 04/30/2020

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    Buy 4 Cases of CAPP Serological Pipettes and receive 1 FREE Case!
    CAPP Harmony Serological Pipettes features and benefits:
    Sterile, pyrogen-free and cotton plugged.
    Sharp, black and highly legible graduations for high contrast and added optical clarity for easy reading.
    Available bulk packed or individually wrapped.
    Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing.
    Accurate dispensing to within 1 – 2 %.
    Each pipette comes with a non-toxic and effective filter barrier to prevent accidental overflow or aspiration of liquid into the pipette controller.
    Both ascending and descending graduations show the volume removed or remaining on all pipettes larger than 1 mL.
    Generous negative graduations provide additional pipetting volume.
    The uniform mouthpiece is color-coded for ease of identification.
    Designed to fit all available pipette controllers on the market.
    Manufactured from sterile medical grade polystyrene.
    Each lot is tested for Endotoxins (ISO 10993-11), Cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5) and Non-Haemolytic (ISO 10993-4).

    Expires: 01/31/2020

  • Pipette.com Pipette Tips

    Pipette.com Tips – Quality and Design to Improve your Lab Experience

    For over 20 years, we have calibrated and sold pipettes, and by now we can recognize a good pipette tip. 
    Pipette.com Tips provide the greatest value to researchers, academics, and general lab use out of any tip on the market. Our tips are engineered to fit on any Universal Shaft Pipette, Rainin LTS Pipette, and many other commonly used pipettes. .

  • Wobble-Not Serological Pipettes

    No more jamming – Stability and stress reduction!

    VistaLab Wobble-not Serological Pipettes are designed with an extra taper that allows them to insert into a pipette controller more easily and with more stability. The two-tiered step design means that first step inserts more easily but also can insert more deeply and securely, while the second step is also able to enter the nose cone securely and at full-width to reduce the space in the nose cone for wobbling.