Benchmark 210g Analyticla Balance

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St. Patrick’s Day 210g Balance Promo
St. Patrick’s Day Balance Promo| 210g Benchmark Accuris Analytical Balance with free 500g Compact Balance
• Includes Cat# W3100A-210 and W3300-500
• Balance Promo Expires 03/22/2019
Analytical Balance Features
The range of Accuris Analytical balances incorporates electromagnetic sensor technology and precision mechanical components to offer superior weight determination accurate to a fraction of a milligram. What’s more, this level of accuracy and reliability is available at a fantastic price point. Two capacity ranges are available in the Analytical Balance line to weigh samples up to 120 g or 210 g, allowing you to pick the weight range that best suits your needs. Readability and accuracy for both ranges is 0.0001 g (0.1 mg), with accuracy and linearity specifications that match up with the top brands in the industry. The W3100 balances stabilize quickly to provide immediate results to save you time and increase throughput and positivity.
500g Compact Balance Features
• 500g Max Capacity
• Readability: 0.01g
• Easy in-lab calibration
• Scale with RS232 port for data output to a computer or printer
• Multiple weighing mode options (standard weighing, count mode, & percent)

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