Digital Brightfiels Miocrosope

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Save $490 on the Optika Digital Microscope
OPTIKA B-290TB Microscope Features & Benefits
3MP Built-in camera and 10.1” Windows tablet PC with N-PLAN objectives, rackless stage and exclusive X-LED³ for unmatchable performance in illumination.
360° Rotating Tablet
A special holder allows to easily attach the tablet to the microscope and freely rotates
Intuitive and Powerful Software
Simple and user-friendly, ideal for students and experienced users
Detachable Tablet
Equipped with the latest Windows OS & Intel processor
Able to use it as a laptop PC
Intel Quad-Core processor, Windows 10
Battery life up to 10 hours
Features Simultaneous Data & Power Feed
Recommended for long operation, as the tablet can be recharged during use.
Binocular head with 20mm field number
N-PLAN objectives for high numerical apertures and flat images
Convenient, rackless moving stage to prevent scrapes
Designed for teachers, experts & routine laboratory work
Flexible microscope ideal for education, biology, histology
LED Illumination
LED long lifetime (65,000 hours = 25 years at 8 hours/day usage) with X-LED 3 Illumination
100x Objective provides clear observation with extremely bright X-LED3 light source and the fully centerable Abbe condenser
Laboratory Grade Optics, N-PLAN & IOS N-PLAN System
Optional IOS Infinity-corrected optical system prevents image deterioration even if other optical components are added, such as polarizers, beamsplitters and so on
Large Specimen View (20 mm Field Number) –
The F.O.V. (field of view) is based on a comfortable diameter of 20 mm
Easy Transportation
The B-290 series has a carefully shaped design that gives stability and ease in the transportation with the integrated handle

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