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OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balances (Scales) – Intelligent Performance, Intuitive Operation, Ingenius Design
OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balances feature improvements in all categories while simplifying the measurement process for all users. Advancements in linearity and repeatability, as well as ambience adaptations mean that Explorer Scales can quickly and accurately provide results. The large, easy-to-use display with advanced graphical software and intuitive navigation allows users to quickly prepare their experiments and collect their data. Highly practical and advanced hands-free technology as well as the accessible and highly-visible weighing chamber make the Explorer Analytical Balances easy to operate and convenient to work with.

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Intelligent Performance
Rapid Stabilization Time – Up to 50% Faster with the Explorer Series Analytical Balance

Optimized Linearity and Repeatability Specifications – Accurate and Repeatable Measurements

Advanced Vibration Filtering – Explorer Analytical Balances are stable even in unstable environments

Intuitive Operation
14 Built-In Applications – Customizable to fit laboratory, industrial, or even user specific needs

Audible and Visual Feedback – Touch Screen input responds to confirm interaction

Virtual QWERTY and Numeric Keypad – Quick and Easy input

Automatic Draftshield Doors – Certain Explorer Analytical Balance models are equipped with touchless sensor activated draftshield doors that can open either or both side doors.

Ingenius Design
Automatic Calibration – AutoCal ensures the Explorer Analytical Balance responds to ambient changes

Large Weighing Chamber – Expansive side entry allows users to easily use and remove large vessels

Easy Access – Top-mounted bearings allow users to easily open side doors, or users can choose to flip open the top door instead. You may also be interested in: Weighing Boats and Vessels See all OHAUS Equipment

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