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OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances – Accuracy and Precision Made Convenient
Every analytical scale will feature accuracy and precision, however, OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances have the software, hardware, and design to ensure that users can be sure their measurements are reliable and that they can collect data quickly and ergonomically.

AutoCal internal calibration runs in the background to make sure that if ambient conditions change or enough time passes, future readings will continue to be accurate. The AutoCal system can perform calibration with two internal weights, even if operators do not have the equipment to do so themselves. A High Speed Single Module weighing cell allows the Explorer analytical scales to perform ultra-fast, as low as 3 second stabilization. Four touchless sensors give operators the versatility to perform common weighing operations with only the swipe of a hand.

SmarText 2.0 software combined with carefully chosen design options allow users to work ergonomically and intuitively, despite the high level of complexity in Explorer analytical scales. The color touchscreen is paired with an icon-based navigation system that clearly lets operators know what options they have and how to reach the functions they want to use. Thirteen built-in weighing functions allow users to work efficiently and easily through a variety of commonly performed weighing experiments. The User Manager Function allow labs to grant varying levels of user privileges so that up to 5 different operators can share the same device. Select models include Automatic Doors and a built -in Ionizer.

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